In the 1950's Mac's Drug Store was owned by Raymond "Mac" McGough, and located at 1629 S. Agnew in Oklahoma City. In the late 50's his partner Eddie Lusk was asked by the State if they could put a desk in the back of the drugstore, where customers could renew their Auto Tags and Drivers License.

During the 1960's the office in the corner of the store by the soda fountain had continued to grow. Eddie was asked by the State Senator J. Lee Keels to become the sub-agent under Hill Hodges, who at the time was the Tag Agent for Oklahoma County.

Mac's Drug Store had moved into the brand new Grant Square Shopping center at 4628 S. Pennsylvania. Eddie was appointed Tag Agent when the state did away with the sub-agent system, a few years later Mac retired and Eddie kept the Tag Office and changed the name to Mac's Tag Agency.

The 80's brought several changes in the tag distribution system. The state went to a staggered renewal system. Mac's Tag continued to grow, and we moved into a larger office here in the same shopping center. Eddie Lusk passed away and his wife Teddy Lusk was appointed as Tag Agent.

Mac's Tag Agency continued to grow and expanded into our new office space. The 90's also saw changes to the tag system, with release of a newly redesigned license plate with a new graphic design.

We look forward to serving the public with our new online renewal system.